A Million Little Steps – Part 2: Life there: pure epicness

This was definitely the most fun part of the planning. We are being hosted by the College of Ecology and Evolution at Sun Yat-Sen University. Their generosity and helpfulness have been way beyond our expectations. They have secured us a spacious apartment walking distance to the university. They took it one step further and renovated the apartment and filled it with everything that we will need. Because of that, I haven’t needed to plan anything on that end. I haven’t even had to worry. Which again, if you know me, I worry. About everything.

So without having anything to worry, I naturally turned to my other favorite pastime – planning. Planning for all the fun trips we would take from China of course. I bought guidebooks, read travel review sites, followed travel blogs and put together a list of countries along with the most ideal months to visit.

Attempting to stay in control:)

So here it is folks, our tentative and ambitious travel itinerary for our year away from home:

September – China and Hong Kong

October – Vietnam

November – Burma (after much research we decided it was not ideal for us to visit this time around) Thailand

December – Cambodia (running the Angkor Wat half-marathon, woohoo!)

January – Japan

February – Laos

March – Malaysia and Indonesia

April – Borneo

May – Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan; followed by our departure from Asia to New Zealand

June – Australia

July – TBD

Spread in between these big trips will be smaller trips to explore other parts of China. Isn’t this list totally epic?


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