Beijing Lu and our anniversary

Last week, Marc and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. We were able to go out for an evening without the children thanks to my mother. Dinner without children is such a treat. Ordering spicy food and having uninterrupted conversation was the plan for the evening. We found a restaurant (Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant) we wanted to try on Trip Advisor (my go-to source for reviews on restaurants, hotels, tours, etc.). Serendipitously, one of my mother’s friends happened to be over who knew about this restaurant and thanks to her help we managed to avoid the insane queues that apparently exist at this restaurant. It seems you can call ahead and get a number but you have to arrive prior to 6pm to use this number to get you on the first queue. If you don’t call ahead for a number then you have to wait in a different queue. When we arrived we saw the host had three different coloured pads of paper for three potential queues. We were the first in the first queue (white paper) and were showed immediately to a table. This was just before 6pm. When we walked out of the restaurant, we couldn’t even see our way out to the street past the crowd waiting for a table. We completely understood as the food was delicious, prices were reasonable and service was excellent.


Married to this guy for 14 years. I’m a lucky woman.


Drank lots of this. Pearl River beer – tasty and local. Found anywhere from the corner store to most restaurants. Can’t go wrong at $1 CAD for 600ml.


The crowd waiting for a table outside the Tiger Prawn. 

The restaurant is located on the pedestrian street of Beijing Lu. After dinner, we leisurely strolled around and soaked in the atmosphere. There are at least two such pedestrian shopping areas that I know of in Guangzhou. The other one is Shangxiajiu Lu. I find that Beijing Lu has more restaurants and more mid-range shops. It is also where you should go if you are looking for knockoff handbags, watches or clothing. I’m sure there are other areas in the city for these as well but that’s what I’ve discovered so far. We really enjoy the vibe on Beijing Lu. It was a nice way to enjoy our anniversary in a new city.


Festive atmosphere of Beijing Lu


Glass casings on the street show the excavated streets from the Ming and Qing dynasties that stand below the current street.


Not a great photo but here’s a close up of the ancient street. It is said that only court officials were able to walk on the street and carriages were not allowed.


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