Mid-Autumn Festival

For the last two weeks (if not longer), Guangzhou and likely all of China has been preparing for today – the Mid-Autumn Festival. This was one of two Chinese holidays that even I would make a point of celebrating with Marc and the kids in Toronto. I would cook a nice Chinese dinner and then we would eat moon cake and pomelo while looking at the moon (if it made an appearance). A very quiet affair compared to what we experienced this evening. The vibe here is very much like the excitement that happens for children and families on Halloween night in Canada. Instead of getting dressed up and going trick or treating though, children grab their new lanterns and go outside with their families to celebrate with the moon and the light of many other lanterns. I think we will be bringing home the tradition of lighting lanterns next year. Experiencing Mid-Autumn Festival in China this year was extra special. Though I have to say that I was not prepared for the onslaught of gifts of moon cake and fruit. We have enough moon cake to last us until Christmas:)


Gifts of fruit for sale


Piles of pomelos


Moon cakes for sale everywhere


Lanterns galore


Our apartment complex gets decked out in red lanterns


A large display set up at a park that will light up on Mid-Autumn evening


Yummy moon cake


Ready to go with their lanterns


Playing with fire and light


Hundreds of people playing with lanterns and anything that lights up in an open area at Sun Yat-sen University


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