Chen Clan Ancestral Hall (Chen Jia Ci)

While our Internet is stable here’s one more post from Guangzhou. We are Vietnam bound tomorrow! Fingers crossed our flight won’t be affected by the aftermath of Typhoon Mujigae which made landfall here today. We are fine. Just lost power for a few hours.

A couple of weeks ago we visited the exquisite Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. It was built between 1888-1894 as a place of ancestral worship for the Chen Family and to house Chen family members when they came to the provincial capital for governmental examinations. It currently houses the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. The ancestral hall itself is a work of art as it comprises a large collection of woodcarving, stone carving, brick carving, pottery, plaster and iron engraving.


Gate and Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in the background


Chen Clan Ancestral Hall with beautiful brick carvings and sculpted pottery on the roof ridges.


Interior courtyard with view of beautiful roof ridges


Panel containing more than 40 figures carved in the brick underneath a beautiful pottery ridge crest


Close up of pottery art. This one was between roofs over a doorway.


Front of the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall


Bronze figures (and a few “animated” figures) in the back courtyard


One of the two massive front doors. Each painted with a River God. Who needs guard dogs with this guy at the door?


2 thoughts on “Chen Clan Ancestral Hall (Chen Jia Ci)

  1. Ha! Marc and I spent yesterday evening trying to decide how to fit in all the trips we needed to do in the next couple of months. Looking pretty crazy. After Vietnam we are are back to Guangzhou for only a week before we are on the road for 3 weeks in China and then back for another week before heading to Cambodia. I’m not complaining though. Makes it easier to not miss home.


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