Hong Kong – Markets, Markets, Markets

Along with its abundant transportation options, Hong Kong also has a plethora of markets to explore. We were able to easily visit the Ladies Market, Goldfish Market, Flower Market and Bird Market/Garden in one day by taking the MTR to Mongkok Station. From there you can follow the many signs or just ask for directions. Almost everyone can speak enough English to direct you.

Ladies Market

Clothing, handbags, accessories, toys and various electronic gadgets can be found at the Ladies Market. Bargaining is acceptable but you won’t find much of a discount from the initial quoted price, perhaps only a few HK dollars.


Ladies Market


In need of a HK t-shirt, you’ve come to the right place

Goldfish Market

Goldfish Market is more of a street where every shop for a few blocks is filled with aquariums and bags of goldfish. There are even shops that just sell live coral but photos were not allowed in those shops. The kids loved checking out the different kinds of fish.


Bags of goldfish in all shapes, colours and sizes


Bags of sea plants

Flower Market

If you love flowers like I do, you will love walking along this street. The sight and smell of fresh cut flowers is amazing.


Beautiful ready-to-go arrangements


Shops with all kinds of potted flowers and plants all along the street

Bird Market/Garden

Walking through this market street made me think of my grandfather who I haven’t thought of in a long time. He always had a couple of caged songbirds in his apartment in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Much of his pastime was spent happily taking care of them.


Men gather to socialize and show off their songbirds. Interesting there’s not one woman engaging in this activity.


Beautiful birds in beautiful cages


Full house


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