Hong Kong – Battle of the Parks (Disneyland vs. Ocean Park)

As much as the kids enjoyed seeing all the flowers, fish and birds in all the markets, they enjoyed our two days at Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong even more. And we were once again able to save money by buying our tickets through Klook (I promise I’m not making any money by promoting them. I just like a good deal!).

We already love the magic of Disneyland having visited California Disneyland on several occasions but we heard that Ocean Park HK was an even better amusement park than HK Disneyland so we decided to visit it first.


Ocean Park HK was easy to get to. A quick MRT ride to Admiralty station and then a direct bus (#629 – just follow the crowd and get in line) got us there. The bus costs $10.60 HKD for adults and $5.3 HKD for children age 4-11.

Ocean Park is set on a pretty impressive piece of real estate on the Southern coast of Hong Kong Island. The park itself is divided into two sections – the Waterfront and the Summit. The entrance of the park is at the Waterfront and in order to get to the Summit, you can either take the Ocean Express train or the Cable Car. The queue for the cable car tends to be really long so unfortunately we did not get a chance to ride it. From what I could see the cable car offers a fantastic view of the coastline and the park.


Ocean Park and the Hong Kong Island coastline


The cable cars that go between the Waterfront and the Summit


Entrance to Ocean Park HK

The Waterfront is home to the lovely Grand Aquarium, a handful of arctic animal exhibits and an area dedicated to rides for younger children and their agreeable older siblings.


The Grand Aquarium which we all thoroughly enjoyed


Incredible octopus at the Grand Aquarium


Many of its rides were aquatic themed of course


Someone is obviously too big for these rides but she was a good sport to go on them with her little brother

The Summit is home to the Ocean Theatre where the wonderful sea lion and dolphin show takes place, a few other marine animal exhibits and the most important part for my daughter and her dad, the thrill rides.


The dolphin show was educational and promoted good stewardship. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the facilities and the resources dedicated towards conservation and education.


The view from this ride almost makes me want to try it. Not. It was voted by our family experts as one of the best roller coasters they have ridden.

Just like at Disneyland, Ocean Park also had shows throughout the day including a night time water, light and fire show. We caught the main daytime show that combined acrobatics and figure skating. We now know where the figure skaters who don’t make it to the big leagues go. I didn’t feel like the show was very good but the children enjoyed it. We were all in agreement though that the end-of-the-night water, light and fire show was good. We had a great day at Ocean Park HK but was eager to see how it would stack up against HK Disneyland.


Not surprising, HK Disneyland was also super easy to get to. Directly on the MRT and the magic starts when you transfer trains at Sunny Bay station. From Sunny Bay station to Disneyland Resort station you board the special Disney trains where character statues are placed throughout and windows and grab handles are in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

DSC05481 copy

At the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland


Mickey surfing from the spout of a whale. Seems like it should be at California Disneyland instead of Hong Kong.


Excitedly waiting for the gates to open


View while waiting for the rope to drop


The requisite family photo

HK Disneyland had many of the same areas and a lot of the same rides as California Disney but the lines were definitely shorter even though we were there during the Christmas holiday season.

There was Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland.


Main Street


The Kid at Adventureland




There was no Star Tours at Tomorrowland but there were storm troopers a lucky boy was able to get a photo with

In addition to these, HK Disneyland also had Toy Story Land and Mystic Point which were new for us.


Toy Story Land


The jewel of Mystic Point, Mystic Manor

HK Disneyland also had big shows, parades and fireworks like California Disneyland. And all just as wonderfully executed.


HK Disneyland’s show is The Lion King


Flights of Fantasy Parade


Paint the Night Parade


The magic of Disney wins

We loved our day at HK Disneyland and our biased opinion is that HK Disneyland wins over Ocean Park HK. I think the magic of Disney is hard to compete against though.






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