Japan: Day 2 – Hanging with Friends

We spent an amazing day with our friend Tad and his wife and kids who happened to be back from California visiting their families in Japan. Tad has been a good friend of ours since our time in Knoxville, Tennessee (almost 15 years ago!) and although Marc sees him at least every couple of years thanks to being in the same field of work, it’s been a surprising 8 years since I have seen him. He of course looks unchanged! It was also the first time I met his beautiful wife and adorable boys. Tad’s parents graciously welcomed us into their home and Tad’s adorable mom prepared the most sumptuous and delicious home-cooked Japanese dinner. As we were leaving, our boy said it best, “I really like being in this home”. What a special way to experience Japan!


A perfect thing to do with friends in Japan on a sunny day is to go for a walk to a lovely park with a tea room and enjoy some tea and sweets.


Learning to drink tea the Japanese way with Godzilla


Making new friends


The next generation


Isn’t she simply adorable?!


A work of art!


Look how pretty Tad’s mom prepared all the food. Almost too pretty to eat! But it was so delicious we ate it all up!


Who better to learn origami folding from than a Japanese grandmother?


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