Taipei: Night Markets and A Case of Food Poisoning

All visits to Taipei will at some point include a visit to one of its many night markets. Night markets are great places to go to experience the energy of the local life, grab some cheap clothes or accessories and of course sample all the delicious snacks. And it was for all these reasons but particularly the latter that I plugged visits to three different night markets into our week long itinerary. Did I mention that I love food as much as I love travelling?

Our itinerary was great up to our second evening and our visit to the second night market. Shortly after, Marc and I became very good friends with our toilet and continue to maintain a close relationship. My sister-in-law developed some of the symptoms but thankfully escaped the worst of it.

I would not be discouraged from further visits to night markets but I might show a bit more restraint when it comes to my love of shellfish.


Night markets = stalls upon stalls of food


And some traditional carnival games


Or perhaps a game with a more distinctly Taiwanese feel such as this shrimp fishing one


Eating our way through the night market


One of the many seafood stalls I visited


I really should have stuck to food cooked with a blowtorch (Photo by my brother, J.L.)


Instead I indulged in my love of shellfish. We are pretty sure these are the culprits.



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