Elephant’s World Kanchanaburi, Thailand

There are many ways people can interact with elephants in Thailand. For tourists, it often means an elephant ride at a tourist spot or participation in one of the many elephant trekking camps. Riding an elephant is probably the most popular activity when visiting Thailand. Who wouldn’t want to ride an elephant? I sure did! That is, until I started reading about how an elephant’s back is the weakest part of its body and how its spine is not designed to support the weight of a human, much less a metal basket and a family of humans. After explaining this to the children, we all agreed that riding an elephant would not be part of our plans. Instead we felt that our time and our money was much better spent at an elephant sanctuary where elephants were free to just be elephants. No rides. No circus tricks. After some research and some consideration between an organization in Chiang Mai (Elephant Nature Park ), we decided on Elephant’s World in Kanchanaburi as it was easily reached from Bangkok and this time of year was not a good time to travel to Chiang Mai due to the poor air quality.

Elephant’s World is a non-profit organization established in 2008 for injured and old elephants. Many of these elephants come from the now defunct logging industry and the tourism industry (circuses, street begging and trekking camps). The majority of them have some sort of injury from their past work. Loss of eyesight and torn ears from logging work. Permanent spine/back damage from trekking camps. Leg injuries from begging in city streets.  Malnourishment from inadequate or poor quality food. At Elephant’s World, all their needs are taken care of and they are able to rest and live in peaceful natural surroundings.

Spending the day in the presence of elephants was the perfect way to celebrate our girl’s milestone birthday. To our pleasant surprise, it was also National Elephant Day so we had an extra special day with the elephants due to the festive celebrations in their honour. Party for both girl and elephant. Perfect.

Ready to see photos from our day? There can never be too many photos of elephants right?:)


All dressed up for National Elephant Day


Looking for those bananas we brought


Along with the bananas we brought, we were given a huge basket of fruit to offer to our assigned elephant, 66 year old Touk-Ka-Ta


Walking off their breakfast


When one meal is finished, it’s time to start preparing the next one. Chopping pumpkin with a cleaver. An elephant eats 200 kg of food per day. 


Cooking up pumpkin sticky rice


Unsure if this was a rest position or a butt scratch position



Time for a drink at the river. Elephants drink 100-200 litres of water per day.


I see you


Time to cool down with a nice mud bath


Things get rowdy when the youngins’ are let loose


Pure joy


The herd waiting for the feast


These two are Elephants World’s youngest residents, Spy and Hong Tong. Just babies. You’ll notice they are wearing chains. Only these two and a young bull wear them as they can get a bit too playful. 


Feasting in celebration of National Elephants Day


Tucking into a nice ripe papaya


Can you feel the love?

DSC08989 copy

Unlikely to forget this day


A hard life lived


Time to scrub clean at the end of the day. You’ll notice the mahout (an elephant’s companion) sitting on the elephant. This does not hurt the elephant as they sit on the neck which is much stronger than the back.

DSC09070 Copy

Lucky birthday girl


It’s an elephant’s world:)



2 thoughts on “Elephant’s World Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  1. What an absolutely wonderful experience for the whole family. Not many people can get that up and personal with elephants. Very educational for the kids as well. Better than Disney World any day 🐘 !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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