Erawan National Park Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Other than happy elephants, the other reason to visit Kanchanaburi is the natural beauty in the area. There are several national parks within an easy bus ride or drive from the town. We decided on a day trip to Erawan National Park, famous for its 7-tier waterfall. It is also possible to overnight in the park by renting one of the campsites or bungalows. Along with the waterfall, there are several natural trails and caves to be explored. The park is also home to a multitude of birds and animals such as wild elephants, lar gibbon, wild boar and deer. Regrettably our visit was during the hot dry season and between the heat and the whiny boy we did not explore beyond the waterfall and even that we only managed to walk up to the fourth tier. Also, the falls were not as spectacular as I’m sure they would be during the wet season. We did manage to swim in three of the waterfall’s pools and some of us with hairier toes received a free pedicure from the fish that live in the pools.


Proof we were at the park


Pool at tier 1


Pool at tier 2


Tier 3 – the prettiest of the tiers we saw


Pool at tier 3



Looking out for the fish that are fans of his hairy toes


Made it past the fish to the jumping rock


Us of course




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