Koh Samui, Thailand

We travelled from Kanchanaburi to the island of Koh Samui (via car and plane) where we planned to spend the remaining half of our trip in Thailand doing nothing more than moving from our bed to a poolside or a beachside lounger.

There are a mind-boggling number of beach destinations in Thailand to choose from. After reading many reviews we decided on Koh Samui as it reportedly had nice beaches, not as busy as Phuket (the ‘h’ is silent) and it was easy to get to.


There are many areas on the island to choose from as your base. We ended up at Fisherman’s Village at Bophut Beach. It was a lovely area full of shops and restaurants; although the majority of them were clearly skinning the tourists with their outrageous prices. There is also a fantastic street market that happens every Friday night full of food stalls, drink stands, clothes and trinkets. If you are after a more local flavour though check out the temple fair if there happens to be one on when you’re there.


Bophut Beach


Entrance to Fisherman’s Village



Main road through Fisherman’s Village


An unusual artwalk of elephants as superheroes and other characters. This one is an elephant wolverine of course.


Friday street market full of souvenirs and trinkets


One of the many drink stands complete with music pumping. In case you’re interested 60 baht is $2.25 CAD/$1.70 USD. 


By comparison, the temple fair (which is mostly geared towards locals) is full of clothes and shoes


The food at the temple fair is more suited to the taste of the locals as well. If you can’t tell those are large cockroaches on the left and grasshoppers or crickets on the right.


Bophut Beach at night. Those two dots in the sky are floating lanterns. A regular sight in the skies.


As far as Bophut Beach goes, it was acceptable but we found Choeng Mon Beach a lovelier beach with powdery sand and clear shallow water perfect for the kids. It definitely had a more laid back vibe too. If your goal is to do nothing other than lay on the beach with the occasional dip in the water and a massage after to ease those sore muscles, I would highly recommend staying at one of the hotels on Choeng Mon. It’s easy enough to get around the island by grabbing a ride on a songthaew (a shared taxi where seats are on benches in the bed of a pickup truck) or hiring a taxi.


Lovely Choeng Mon Beach


The water was shallow enough to cross to a smaller island


The kids were occupied for quite some time filling a pool with tiny hermit crabs and watching them interact. There must have been at least 50 in this pool.


Caught a bigger crab that wasn’t too happy to be caught

It’s impossible to lie around and do nothing when you’re travelling with my dear husband so we did sign on for a day trip to Angthong Marine Park in between days of lazing around.


Sailing in Thailand


View from the boat

DSC09364 copy

The itinerary included some kayaking. They had a kayak big enough for the whole family. Saved me from having to paddle:)


View from the kayak


Spent the afternoon on Ko Wua Talap where the Angthong Marine Park headquarters is based. You can overnight here in a bungalow or a tent but there is no hot water (who needs it with the bath water temperature of the ocean) or electricity after 11pm.


Beautiful beach at Ko Wua Talap


Not a bad place to spend an afternoon


First time snorkelling and loved it!


View of Angthong Marine Park


Short 10 minute hike to see the beautiful Emerald Lagoon


Finished off the day with a jump off the top deck of the boat


Not to be outdone by the old man


Looking back I think Koh Samui was a fine choice for our first trip to Thailand but now that we know what to expect and what appeals to us, we would choose one of the smaller islands further out. But then again, given the fact that travelling in Thailand is more expensive than Vietnam or Cambodia I think we would explore the quieter beaches of Vietnam and Cambodia before we would return to Thailand.




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