Homeschooling. Never again.

Sorry for the silence. Every time we return to China, it takes a few days to slip back into life here, which always elicits a complicated reaction (more on that in a future post). That said, my lack of presence is really due to the fact that I have been overwhelmed with homeschooling my children. I’m sure some of you have wondered how that was going or at least have a good idea after reading the title of this post. I have always admired the work of teachers but after this year I will forever be grateful to the teachers that have and will in the future teach my children. I will make sure the box of chocolates is replaced by a bottle of wine or better yet, I will gift you the chocolate and the wine. You deserve it. And to those out there who choose to homeschool their children and actually enjoy it, I bow to you. This sh*t is hard!

Sure, sometimes, homeschooling can look like this:


Math and science time


A collaborative categorizing and charting assignment


Not a bad place to write

But most often, it looks like this:


Writing under the supervision of Wonder Woman


Reading in the doorway of the bathroom. While the teacher was either brushing her teeth or wiping down the bathroom.

And if I had the presence of mind to snap a photo, you would see that sometimes there are tears. I won’t admit who was driven to tears. Possibly student. Possibly teacher. Possibly both. Turns out that patience is the most critical qualification for homeschooling ones own children. Who knew? Not one of my strengths. Again who knew? Rhetorical question. So yeah, how’s homeschooling going? Never again.


12 thoughts on “Homeschooling. Never again.

  1. Oh Shirl! Giant hugs. I must admit I chuckled while reading this, having glimpsed at the piano practising struggles. I have been brought and brought others to tears as well over practising and homework…, sometimes even a secret screaming rage when all by myself. July is around the corner hang in there.

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  2. I only see one parent homeschooling in these pictures… 😉
    Honestly, you are my hero. I just couldn’t do it… Considering how alike we are, I know you are drawing on all of your strengths to get it done…perfectly (on this last point, we definitely differ).
    The kids are getting an amazing education through you and this experience. If you don’t nail a section, I’m confident they will pick it up next year.
    I will put aside a bottle of wine for us to drink when you’re back. You deserve it! …and I’m going to love hearing your stories!

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  3. Somehow I think you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. That being said, homeschooling would be a tough gig! Kids never want to listen to their parents…school sounds better from the mouths of other people called teachers. Haha! Anyway, your kids are brilliant and will pick up right where they left off once you’re back. In fact, they will teach the teachers a thing or two, I’m sure.😉 Miss ya!

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    • Ha! You don’t know how often I say “would you do that at school?” or “would you say that to your teacher?”. Yes, I know they will be fine but the pressure to make sure they will be is hard to let go of. I can’t believe we’ll be back in just under 4 months!


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