Travel planning

So along with the homeschooling gig, my time has been dominated by a steady consumption of travel research and wine. My evenings look like this:


Motivated by sheer panic at the knowledge that we have less than two months left of our time here in China and no plan for what will come after, I launched into crazy woman planning mode. How best to use the last eight weeks of this glorious sabbatical year? With time and budget considerations, what logistically made sense for our itinerary? Big intimidating questions. And while we’re at it, why don’t we arrange a couple more trips within China before May 31st as well? Sure, no problem. Piece of cake.

Countless evenings have been spent reading guide books and scouring travel blogs and travel sites. Eternally grateful for the internet and all the amazing travel writers and bloggers out there! Regrettably, I am not the kind of person that can just “wing it”so our travel is typically meticulously planned. Which I’m sure won’t come as a surprise to many of you. Even if I could be more relaxed in my travel style, travelling with children necessitates planning. Towing tired cranky children along with luggage to look for a hotel is not as appealing as having someone picking you up and taking you to your carefully researched and pre-booked hotel.

Our plans constantly evolved with each new piece of information read. Destinations were considered and added. Destinations were considered and dropped (maybe next time Tibet and Nepal). Side note: if you are thinking of going to Tibet, you need a permit that can only be obtained by a travel agent which is only possible if you book a tour. Four days in Tibet for a family of 4 = $3765 CAD (not including the flight to and from). No can do.

After three weeks and countless glasses of wine, a defined plan has finally emerged and the intimidating question of where will we go has been replaced with more manageable fun questions like should we go see semi-wild orangutans (yes!) or search for proboscis monkeys in the mangroves (of course!).

So here it is, the pretty places we will visit in the remainder of our sabbatical year:

April: Yunnan Province (China)

May: Gansu Province & Xinjiang Province (China)

June: Singapore, Borneo (Malaysia), Indonesia (Java and Bali), Australia (by campervan)

July: New Zealand (by motorhome)

If you have visited any of these places and have tips for us, send them along. And if you live in one of these places and want to meet up, message me.

Let the adventure continue!


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