Kunming, China

We started our tour of Yunnan from the provincial capital of Kunming as a research group from the Kunming Institute of Botany hosted our visit. The main reason for our trip was to visit field sites in the mountains so we actually spent very little time in the city. This meant we did not visit any of the usual tourist spots which was perfectly alright with us as we have almost reached our limit for temples and historical buildings, not to mention manoeuvring around the hordes of Chinese tourists. Instead we had a lovely morning visiting the Kunming Botanical Gardens and the special privilege of touring the China Seed Bank along with its seed museum (which is not open to the public). The kids had a great morning exploring nature outside and inside.


Spring flowers in bloom throughout the garden


One of several ponds in the garden


Another beautiful pond


The kids spent at least an hour in this spot catching and releasing tadpoles. I had to drag them away.


One of the many tadpoles we caught. With all four legs, it’s on the verge of being a froglet.


Seed museum


Exploring characteristics of different seeds


Discovering what size seeds travel faster


Encased seeds that can be plugged into a huge light display


The light display

















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