The Stone Forest (Shilin), China

In the afternoon of our one day in Kunming, our host arranged for us to visit the Stone Forest (Shilin), an impressive set of limestone formations believed to be over 270 million years old. It is certainly worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The Stone Forest is similar to the limestone karst islands we saw during our visit to Halong Bay, Vietnam except these look much taller. This is because the site that the Stone Forest sits on was once a shallow sea. I imagine if Halong Bay was drained, it would very much look like the Stone Forest. The Shilin National Scenic Area, which is located about 1.5 hours drive from Kunming, is quite large and divided into seven areas. Although there were numerous tourists there (mostly domestic tourists), we were able to walk through areas that had very little and at times no other tourists.


Which is the forest, the stone or the trees?


A governor of Yunnan in the 1930’s was so impressed with the Stone Forest’s beauty that he decided to deface it by having the words Shi Lin (stone forest) carved into it despite the fact that it has been known for centuries as the stone forest. 


Just imagine a shallow sea here


My boy is strong (and goofy)


Classic Chinese image. Pagoda. Rocks. Water.


Standing out amongst the crowd



One of many people-free paths to follow and explore


Warning: your children might be eaten up by the Stone Forest




My handsome boys


Here we are


Their version of the Chinese photo poses


2 thoughts on “The Stone Forest (Shilin), China

  1. Wonderland !! Looks like everyone …especially the kids are really having fun. Tell Dominic He looks like a superhero holding up that rock!


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