Australia: Part 2 – Northern New South Wales (Byron Bay to Valla Beach)

From Brisbane we headed south, leaving the state of Queensland and heading into the spectacularly beautiful state of New South Wales. In northern New South Wales we made stops in Byron Bay, Red Rock and Valla Beach. Each one was pure eye candy!

Byron Bay


Cape Byron Lighthouse at Cape Byron State Conservation Area. It was from here that we had the magical experience of seeing humpback whales breaching and pods of dolphins riding the surf.


Byron Bay


Tallow Beach at Byron Bay


Alot of time was spent doing this

Red Rock


Although Red Rock is a tiny hamlet of a few hundred people, its got a caravan park where you wake up to this.


Best kind of morning!


Beach at Red Rock


The rock for which the hamlet is named after.

Valla Beach


The sand was so fine, it squeaked when you walked on it.


In her element


One of our favourite activities…looking for wildlife!

More of spectacular Australia coming up so hang tight!


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